Monday, May 25, 2009

5 minutes with.......

Rain Rain go away.

How about this weather folks? To counter the double punch of a Monday and rain. Chill for 5 minutes with Po Kei of the Good Fellas'!

Name Please:
Po Kei
Day Job:
Stylist, philosopher, song writer, beer drinker.
Band Currently Rocking Out In:
Good Fellas
Guitar & Vocals
Instrument You Wish You Could Play:

Piano so that I can cover John Lennon's "Oh My Love"
What's The Worst Band Name You've Been Part Of?

Good Fellas ?!?!?! no no no ... of course not
What about a different band name?
'Night of Threesomes' - This one I used in May with El Destroyo, Poubelle International and the David Bowie Knives (for the name of a show held at Backstage Restaurant Live). What about 'Sgt. Pepper's Horny Heart Club Band'? Let me think about it!!!
Your Band In Three Words:
Three-Chord-Geniuses !!!
Favourite Summer Anthems:
Morrissey - 'Last of The Famous International Playboy' (for hip shaking in the morning)
The Teenagers- 'Home Coming' (for light jumping after lunch)
These New Puritans - Elvis (for head banging at night)
Who Should We Check Out?
The Beatles - Origin of everything I am doing.
The Smiths - Has the best combo in rock history.
The Cribs - My current favourite band
Favourite HK Band?
Transnoodle, no doubt, Transnoodle.
You Would Bust Out A Jam With:
The Dead Weather and I will share the mic with the coolest Alison Mosshart
What Would You Like To Be Remembered For?

The way I jump on stage
Please Tell Us A Joke:
....................... Don't bring your gf to a Good Fellas's show, she will fall in love with us.

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