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Underground 73

UNDERGROUND "Something Alternative" Album Review

Shalom fellow rockers.

Today I bring you a long post with my first album review. Chris B, the Queen of the underground, was kind enough to mail me this release for my critique. Hopefully this well help those of you with your decision about buying this album.

The UNDERGROUND - #1 Something Alternative
Recorded by: Hisakazu Koya
Recorded at: Mark-1 Music Center and Group Studio

Disc 1
1. The Night Before the Snow Storm - Velvette Vendetta
2. This is Our Rotten Love - Velvette Vendetta
3. Goner - Born to Hula
4. Satellites - Born to Hula
5. Caped Carnival - The Sinister Left
6. The Faux King - The Sinister Left
7. Man Love! - FBI
8. Don't Quit Your Day Job - FBI
9. Broken Carillon - Violent Jokes
10. Glows Like Jellygum - Violent Jokes
11. Let It Roll - Lazy Susans
12. Steel Wall - Lazy Susans

Disc 2
1. Cycle - Tai Tai Alibi
2. Autocrat - Tai Tai Alibi
3. Queen of Diamond Hill - 22 Cats
4. Dickless - 22 Cats
5. Improvisation 01 - Sea Monsters
6. Improvisation 02 - Sea Monsters
7. Come to Me - Forgot
8. Anymore - Forgot
9. Number One - Chochukmo
10. Head to Toe - Chochukmo

Velvette Vendetta

1.Night Before The Snow Storm

I seriously had no idea what to expect when I stuck this CD on. It's been quite a while since I've been in the loop of the HK underground bands music scene. Last time I was involved, metal and hardcore were the colour of the flags the bands used to fly. All bands. Which is why I am pleasantly surprised that the tension filled bass intro to Vendetta's snow storm, leads into actual singing, and not bad singing as well. When the chorus of the song breaks through, I instantly think of Muse, which becomes a dominant comparison as the song goes on. It's everything from vocalist Jacky's, Matt Bellamy type melodies, to the driving guitar progressions and overall structure and mood of the song. Is this a good or bad thing? I'll let you decide.

2.This is our rotten love.

With the opening 3 distorted power chords and the vocalists scream, it almost sounds like we are listening to a completely separate band. This one definitely gets the heads moving with its punkier feel and the chorus of screams. However what works well in distinguishing that we are still listening to Velvette Vendetta, are the synth lines that sit just behind the main melodies in the mix. Eventually the juggernaut first half of the song fades into a more down tempo middle section, which is being edged along by a swinging bass line, before kicking back into the mayhem the tune started with. I can detect a hint of Smashing Pumpkins in this tune whether the band are influenced by them or not. Personally this is the better of the two Vendetta tracks on the CD as it gives the band more of a unique voice, as opposed to the strikingly similar Muse type first track. Either way I'm excited to hear what other goodness is on this bad boy.

Born To Hula

Ello Ello, what have we got here? A Brit indie band that actually sound like the singer could be from the land of St. George himself. Twenty seconds into this track and I'm already bouncing to the catchy-ness of the chords and the lyrics “gone and got ourselves in a heap of trouble” “I went to your concert and I didn't feel anything." If there was a checklist for what makes a Brit indie/rock song. Born to Hula are getting ticks in the boxes


Like with Velvette Vendetta, satellites demonstrates the versatility in their song writing. This one has what I think is a cello or double bass, playing the bass line, which instantly sells it. I'm a sucker for a cello in rock songs. The melodies in the start of the song remind of something off of Brand New's The Devil and God are Raging Inside of me album. This surprises me as Brand New are far from the world of Brit indie.The trademark clean guitar chords help bring it back to a recognizable sound which I assume is synonymous with Born to Hula. The line “we became satellites” that makes up the chorus, creates great imagery, not to mention will be stuck in your head for the rest of the day. It's funny, the song reminds me of being drunk riding in the front seat of the taxi, head against the window looking at all the lights go by dizzyingly fast. Why? I have no idea.

The Sinister Left

5.Caped Carnival

Wow. Thats what went through my head after only 40 seconds of playtime. When reviewing this CD, I usually plug in my headphones, crack open a beer and scribble down notes. When Caped Carnival kicked in, I immediately put the pencil down and lay back, and just simply listened to what The Sinister Left had to offer. I suppose I actually have to talk about what the song/band sound like. It's a unique blend of dreamy delayed guitars, with a rhythm section holding the base of the song together. It has calming, almost whispered singing. Tempo changes, mood changes offbeats and more. Safe to say The Sinister Left know what they are doing. For sure, one of the highlights of this CD.

6.The Faux King

After being thoroughly impressed by Caped Carnival, I had my fingers crossed that the second track from TSL would be just as rewarding. On their myspace, they list their top 5 influences as Radiohead, Joy Division, New Order, The Smiths and Mogwai. Thats handy as if you could stick the five in some form of super music blender, the ending concoction would sound pretty similar to TSL I feel. The Faux King takes you on a mystical journey, instead of sections the song feels like it has movements. One movement consists of Gregorian type chanting. Are you kidding me? Awesome.

7.Man Love!

Instantly a change in mood from the previous song offered by The Sinister Left. This one has a lighter, more feel good emotion to it, sorta like watching Madagascar 2. It's catchy catchy catchy! and I'm not one to shy away from a catchy melody. On the surface it sounds like a pretty easy song, but after quite a few listens you realise there's quite a lot actually going on in this song. Modulated backing vocals, ska bass lines, dub type drum breaks. It's no doubt a great composition about Man Love! “Not in the gay way baby” we are told right at the end, to each his own FBI. The band's light hearted portrayal and tunes remind me a bit of Smash Mouth, anyone remember them?

8.Don't Quit Your Day Job.

Another catchy dancy little tune from FBI. It occurs to me this band would be great to hire for one of those American college parties you see in the movies. You know the ones I'm talking about, the red cups, the beer bongs, the bongs period. (You should hire FBI for bongs?, won't hear that often) Like the last one, the title of the song is repeated several times throughout all 2 minutes and 20 seconds of it. Ensuring that you will remember the song for hours on end - and FBI for just a little bit longer.

Violent Jokes
9.Broken Carillon

With the fairy like keys intro and the echoy chorus in the female's vocals. I wonder if we're going to hear a goth metal song, similar to something by Nightwish. So I sit and wait for the distortion to kick in. Except it never does. I then realise that the Violent Jokes are an electronica outfit. I thought the production sounded too clean for a goth act! Shadow Kim, who I assume is singing this song, has a very soothing voice, perfect for this kind of music. When the beat arrives 3 minutes in, I am instantly taken back to a restaurant on Chaweng Beach in Koh Samui. The kind with candles and Arabic cushions on the seafront. And thats where I stay for the remainder of this track.

10.Glows Like Jellygum

My little getaway to Thailand is soon interrupted with a more up tempo number from the Violent Jokes. The bass line in this one reminds me of a heist scene. One where classy gadgets and witty dialouge is used to rob some rich smug. Shadow Kim (is the name listed on their myspace) once again shows that she can in fact sing, and sing well with her performance in this one. The music is dark yet dancy, and even through it is an electronic track, The Violent Jokes gives me the impression that they are all skilled at their instrument. Back to the heist.

Lazy Susans
11.Let it roll

I tap my feet along to the kicks that introduce the song and start to do a little groove (not attractive) as this funky little tune kicks in. I hear the lyrics Lazy Susans, in a song by Lazy Susans and I am sold. For some reason I have always been a fan of bands name dropping themselves in their songs. I hear the lyrics “I want to be a Lazy Susan” Does that mean the lead singer wants to sit cross legged on a table and spin around offering Chinese food? I've obviously missed something here, but my friends will tell you that happens often. Anyway, the song once again is a classic indie tune, it's got distortion, its got hi hats the open and close in the chorus, ooohs' aaaaah's and the pleasant clean guitar jangling. Solid song.

12.Steel Wall

You can tell instantly that this song is going to sound very different to Let It Roll. It's darker and not so bouncy. I have a strong feeling the guitarist is a fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante, as I can see similarities in his riffs. I of course could be talking out of my arse. The singing, especially in the chorus of this song, has a 50's ballad feel about it. It contrasts nicely with the 90's rock sound of the music. I feel I have to point out the tremolo guitars, just because it sounds fucking cool.

Tai Tai Alibi.

Hail the grungy/alternative rock band Tai Tai Alibi! Another band which checks the boxes for their genre. I have to celebrate the guitar solo in this one. Its skillful but remains tasteful to the song. I swore I would never use the word tasteful, but it works in this situation so get over it. The Alibi have a great singer, and I wouldn't mind stating that it is the best vocal performance on the compilation. Listen to this song if you like Incubus, Our Lady Peace, 3 doors down. "Do you alwaaaaaaaaysssssssss, Do you alwaysssssss haveeeee to be rightttttttttt?”


Not much to say about this one, except that it is evident that Tai Tai Alibi know exactly how they want to sound, and know exactly how to go about doing that. The chorus in this one definitely is nostalgic for the 90's, I'm going to go ahead and say it reminds me of some Pearl Jam. Rumor has it these dudes come from where I live in Hong Kong, so needless to say, these guys are the shit.

22 Cats
3.Queen of Diamond Hill

In this song, 22 Cats, play what I like to call wtfindierock. Which if at the very least, keeps things interesting. I'm having a hard time detecting the lyrics, but I can definitely hear someone sing “homosexual lions” brilliant. If you like the vibe of certain Modest Mouse songs, you will love 22 Cats.


Who can argue with a song titled Dickless? My canto is none existent so I've switched off listening for gems like homosexual lions, but I have a feeling with 22 Cats, you don't know what is going to come next. The guitars in this one are almost haunting. They could possibly fit into a Tim Burton stop animation. 22 Cats add a very unique vibe to the compilation with what I will describe as their signature sound. Awards for most bizarre to be sent this way.

Sea Monsters
5.Improvisation 01

If it isn't Hong Kong's favourite progressive experimental band. You can tell in the first 10 seconds that we are going to hear some skilled musicianship. With the title being Improvisation, I wonder if the band rocked up at the studio, nailed their instruments for 5 minutes and 11 seconds, sparked a fag then left. I'm going to start spreading that rumor around. Rehearsed or not, there's no denying that there is structure to this piece. The different string players take turns in virtuoso style refrains, before returning back to a central “theme”. Koya's bass parts is something to look out for in this piece. I feel this track needs a better title, so I now here by dub it: LSD Mouse.

6.Improvisation 02

This one promises to be the more calm of the two offerings from Sea Monsters. It comes complete with some dreamy female vocals (not to dissimilar from the likes of Violent Jokes' Shadow Kim) I have to draw attention to the great engineering with regards to the atmosphere/keys player. The panning of the sounds has an almost mind washing effect. Not much else I can say about this song except its Sea Monsters doing their thing. I have since checked the album booklet and see that Shadow Kim is indeed part of this song. Go me!

7.Come to me

If anyone is a fan of the band STARS, I strongly suggest listening to Forgot. Come to me has an excellent guy and girl duet going on. In fact you could probably take the vocal tracks and layer them over a pop song and it would sound like one of those love ballads, that are most played on karaoke nights in downtown Makati. Instead what you get with Forgot, is an alternative rock backing, which compliments the vocal melodies surprisingly well. Forgot though, are not to be forgotten.


With the melodic guitars and synth sounds, I was expecting another epic love ballad. Then I hear the lyrics “does playstation annoy you?” and I wonder whats going on? Anymore is sung in English, which I think is brilliant when a band can perform in more than one language. The music in this one is more progressive rock, with flanged guitars and alternative drum beats. You can tell all band members are competent at their instruments. I especially like the guitar on this track and is one of the standout parts on the whole CD. Its not flashy but does the trick. The tone is spot on for the song.

9.Number One

The party has indeed arrived with the fun music of Chochukmo. It's hard to nail them to one particular style of music, as there is so much going on. From Latin guitars, to big band swing, to straight up rock n roll. After hearing this track, I want to see how they do it live as there is so much production going on, which makes this tune absolutely lovable. Chochukmo, are number one.

10.Head to toe

The band had a lot to follow with their previous song. True to form, they deliver another great song once again. The music in this one feels a bit more experimental and remind me a lot of one of my favourite bands called Small Leaks Sink Ships. Chochukmo's vocalist has a distinctive voice, which to me is a huge bonus with bands. If you can easily identify the singer, you will never forget the band. All in all a solid way to end a very impressive collection of local bands.


So here's the deal, if you are in a band, friend's of people in bands, or generally just a fan of homegrown talent (or want to be) Please pick up this CD. Come on, you get 22 tracks from a diverse selection of 11 bands. It's a great reminder that there is actually a local scene that is crying for more attention. Attention that it deserves. Hell, buy this CD if only to throw at someones face when they say there are no good bands in Hong Kong.

Buy this at the next Underground show. Or from Hong Kong Records or CD Warehouse. Alternatively you can order it online here.
You can also go here. To order it from the Underground website.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hungry table monsters

The Fringesong

Found this gig listing on one of my favourite HK band's (The Lovesong) Myspace.

Venue: The Fringe Club
Date: 28th November 08
Time: 20.00
Cost: TBA
Bands: FBI
The Lovesong

Taylor with a C

This guy is good. That is all.


Is it just me or does every other person have an iPhone now?

You have one don't you?

This article may interest musicians with iPhones.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Star Crossed Tattoo Wanch Night.

Local music promoters Star Crossed Tattoo put on one of their showcases at The Wanch last night. Taking the stage (or corner of the room) were punk act Oi! Squad, new screamo guys on the block Mammoth, and ska/rockabilly outfit The Mooches.

I arrived at the venue just after 9.30 and noticed it was still unusually warm for November. This followed by cussing at myself for wearing two shirts, but fear not, I was soon over it. Not many punters had turned out for the show, mainly just the bands and a few of their friends or entourage. Love that word. I was somewhat joyed at this, as I was really not in the mood for a claustrophobic evening.

It was the first time for me seeing all three of the bands, and first up were Oi! Squad.

Oi! Squad
Their myspace lists the current members as follows : Moi (Vocals), Ray (Bass), Adrian (Drums) and Pierre (Guitar).

As their name would suggest, Oi! Squad are pretty much in your face skinhead "you best bet your bollocks you'll get out my way before I f****** bash ya, you bargain 'unt" OI OI OI punk. Singer Moi looks the part to a T! Complete with red suspenders and a pack or Marlboro reds sticking out of his back pocket. Moi is a great showman and has no qualms about dancing around in the audience while singing to the band. He will also get the gig goers involved by putting them on the spot with his trusty mic for a bit of karaoke (karaOIke?) He also does a nifty trick of putting the mic in a pint glass to get feedback. Classic!

Bassist Ray, gets his groove going by busting out the "I own shit" pose. For those unfamiliar with this important move, it consists of raising a foot and placing it on an object of elevated position i.e an amp, a drum kit , your face etc.

Pierre's guitar lines are pretty straightforward punk progressions but in a couple of songs he rocks out some sweet licks ,dude. He does count in french as well. Why not?

How can I forget drummer Adrian, who beats the drums like they owe him money. That guy was going to town on the kit, with style as well.

My favourite thing about Oi! Squad is the dual vocals of Pierre and Moi. For me the band is best when their songs reach a chorus sing along "na na na na" section.

My only problems with Oi! Squad were that I couldn't hear the vocals. One of their songs has a line which goes something like "There's gonna be a borstal breakout!", and I was hearing "Jeremy was a raghead!" After confusion as to who Jeremy was, and why indeed he was a "raghead" I soon learned the correct lyrics and was called a tit.

A solid solid set, shit YOU tell them otherwise.

When Ross from SCT comes on to introduce the next band Mammoth, he informs us that this is only the bands third show. This makes their short but dynamic set all the more impressive. Amongst the quintet, I spot the drummer for Hungry Ghosts, however this time he has traded in the sticks and strapped on a six string.

Mammoth's sound is best described by breaking it down. Lets start with the rhythm section, a tight drummer comfortable with changing up tempos and has good control over his double bass drumming, which is utilized quite often with the Mammoth tunes.

Their bassist, playing nothing too fancy but definitely contributing to the solid foundations of the groups sound.

The guitaring is what caught my attention. This obviously is slightly biased as I myself am a guitarist (or try to be), nevertheless I can't praise the harmonies of the riffs enough (this is when I COULD hear them however.) They do a nice job of blending their parts together, then doing their own thing again. If you are one who likes the sound of delays and reverb, I recommend you check these guys out.

Front man Danny has a good constant scream which makes up most of Mammoths vocals. Another high energy performer, and wore a great hat. Great hats always = bonus points.

Unlike a lot of "hardcore/screamo" acts in Hong Kong, Mammoth do well to incorporate dynamic and tempo changes into their songs. They remind me a lot of a band called Hopesfall, which is a compliment.

What let Mammoth down was some technical difficulties where the mics kept packing in on them. hey need to tweak their guitar eq's a bit more. There were times when I could see the fingers moving, but sadly it was drained in an abyss of distortion. NICE!, you may say, but judging by the fingering (steady now) I don't think this was the effect they were going for. I would have also liked to see more songs, but hey they are newcomers so I can only look forward to seeing and hearing more from these guys and you should to.

My Google hunting has come back negative on a search for a link for these guys, so when I get this information I shall share with ye.

The Mooches

Last on this eclectic bill were The Mooches. Leading the band was Arthur who is no stranger to the local scene. Since I've known the guy he's played in Spermatic Chord, Nanahara Shuya, Rat Alley and his solo country/rockabillyesque project I once helped him record on a rooftop in Discovery Bay. Random.

ANYWAY, The Mooches, other members is a drummer (Jaz), who I understand has only been playing for a few months now. She was pretty good for that level so kudos to her. The band were missing their bassist (Tiff) and their, get this, washboard, player for the evening. So they went at it ala white stripes style.

Their music is a cool blend of ska/punk/rockabilly. They did have a lot of gelling issues going on but when they got stuck into it, their tunes were great to listen to. The jagerbombs after the 3rd song was the magic touch. I particularly like when they change up the tempos and play off to one another. When they do this with success it's rather impressive, however I can't say that this happened 100% of the time. I do look forward to seeing these guys when they get tighter and their full band is ready for action.

All in all it was an evening perfect for a Wednesday. Whatever that means.


Just thought I'd point out that after the gig I went into Amazonia to catch the awesome cover bands Ice box and Advent Call. Ok I know these guys don't play their own stuff, so its harsh to compare them with the local scene, but in terms of tightness/musicianship , no one has a patch on these two acts. Seriously, go now and watch them.

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Yes you did.

Congrats to America for the nomination of what this blogger reckons was the right choice for the United States Presidency.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

You give me an election.

4th November.

So I'm sure everyone has a secret passion for this current United States Presidential debate. I sure as hell do.

It's a little weird thinking George W Bush will no longer be leader of the 'free world' come January20.

Who will we make fun of?

Oh ya, go Obama.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Holiday season is getting into gear once again. Will be interesting to see if the credit crunch will see little Tommy not get his flash red bike this Christmas.

Nevertheless, the music will still continue.

-Who here remembers Sum 41? I used to be all about The Hell Song and Better off Dead. They are releasing a Best of Album I can think of maybe 2, maximum 3, more Sum 41 songs I did like. Maybe its a best of EP :P. Can this also mean their career is on the out? and for the love of god is that dude still in cahoots with Avril Lavigne? Who do you think pays for dinner? Anyway, album has a US release date of : November 26th 2008. It's titled: 8 years of Blood, Sake and Tears

- I haven't picked up the latest Oasis album Dig Out Your Soul, but here is an interview with Noel Gallagher. No cheating now, which one is he?

-Anyone who knows me will vouch for how much I rate Jack White (The Racounters / The White Stripes), he has teamed up with Alicia Keys to create the theme for the latest Bond film : Quantum of Solace. The Track is titled Another Way to Die.

Now then, the tune itself hasn't quite hit the bells with me, but maybe its a grower. is where the video can be found.

-Underground 70 is coming up on the 7th November

Start Time:
Friday, November 7, 2008 at 9:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, November 8, 2008 at 1:00am
Club CiXi
Shop A, G/F, On Hing Bldg., 1 On Hing Terrace
Central District, Hong Kong
$100 (students $80)
Over 18 only

-Major Props to HK band Killer Soap for battling it out with other great acts in the China finals for the Global Battle of the Bands competition. The lethal hygiene apparatus will fly out to London for the finals wearing China on their sleeves and HK in the hearts. Go The Soaps!

-Can someone please explain to me why small ass Singapore get the Rockstar Taste of Chaos Tour come to town, and us in "Asia's World City" don't? It's a little consolation that Atreyu and MUCC have pulled out of the Asian legs. Still, I would have thought there would be quite a few people in the 852 that would like to catch As I Lay Dying and Story of the Year in their own backyard. Also playing on the Singapore leg is local (SG not HK) act A Vacant Affair who's debut LP will be out at the end of the year.

I've seen A Vacant Affair a few times now on my trips to Singapore, and they are a very solid act, 852 promoters, get them across here!