Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Take 5 with........

Gonna try something new here at KongHongRock. We're hoping to get more involvement from band members in the scene so here's a new segment called "Take 5 with..." We will be asking various hkinide scene members a series of questions and hopefully they shall answer. To start this off we have the drummer of *drums please Max Weinberg* .................In Love and Pain!

In Love & Pain! Myspace

Name please:


Day Job:

Email Communicator

Band currently rocking out in:

In Love And Pain!



Instrument you wish you could play:


What's the worst band name you've been part of?

Can't think of any, maybe cus I helped name every band I have been part of so I can't hate them, right?! XD

If you had to have a stage name, what would it be?


Your band in three words:

So Freaking Awesome!

Favourite summer anthem:

Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

Who should we check out?

Jason Mraz, Damien Rice, Chris Daughtry.. simple, cus they are great singers

Favourite HK band?

Summer Junkiez

You would bust out a jam with:

Josh Freese

What would you like to be remembered for?

A good man, a good friend, and the best husband.

Please tell us a joke:

Pachelbel, Pachelbel, i'll see your ass in hell, i'll see you in hell, Pachelbel (please sing over Let It Be and why?! check this out:

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