Friday, October 10, 2008

Love for October <3

I currently came across a band ,from New Brunswick New Jersey, called "The Gaslight Anthem"

And boy are they just goshdarnswell.

They mix an interesting blend of punk/soul/pop and blues.

Singer /Guitarist : Brian Fallon , has a gritty punk voice that will hold its own amongst any of the big name punk vocalists. What sets TGA apart from most other bands though, is that this rough, coarse yet extremely melodic voice is being used to blend with music much more harmonious than one would associate with the singing style.

TGA sing about modern day working class issues and first romances, in that nostalgic manner of Springsteen or Petty. (If you search through youtube you can find a decent cover of American Girl by TGA)

"The 59 Sound" is their current release under Sideonedummy records. Full of some great anthems that will make you want to jump into the buick with Betty lou and grab a milkshake from the diner, before heading out to lovers lane.

PLEASE listen to The Gaslight Anthem.

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