Saturday, October 11, 2008

And thus the battle was done.

Not a bad night, not a bad night at all.

Was a little surprised to find quite a que outside club CiXi come 2300, good to see people once again getting behind the local bands here.

I somewhat question Cixi's location as one for holding gigs, felt a bit narrow to me, but then again I guess to the bands it would edge them on that much more as it would have looked quite crowded from up on stage me thinks.

There were also a couple sound hiccups , but hey where isn't there right?

So there were 11 bands in the finals only playing 2 songs. I think it's hard to judge a bands capabilities with only 8 minutes to go. I reckon more heats and the final round being less bands being able to play at least a 4 song set is the way forward.

My top three performances of the night were Hungry Ghosts, Qasar (sp?) and Amino Shower.

Hungry ghosts came runners up , so I guess I have a LITTLE bit of an eye for talent.

The winners were Killer Soap. An interesting decision. No doubt had good energy levels, and the singers demands for "more fucking noise" were met with great joy by the punters.

However if they are going into the next few rounds representing Hong Kong , I hope they step up their game a bit more. Still worthy contenders to fly the flag though. (TURN UP YOUR GUITARS ALSO.)

So the China finals are held at the cavern on the 25th. Come down.

I was going to go down to underground 681/2 , but I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm too hungover for another night out, which is a bummer as I was hoping to go check the awesome house band at Amazonia after.

NOW those guys have got some fucking talent.

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