Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Weekends in the Sun.

HK is redichot. (That's a new word I'd like to get spread around, pronounced Ree-Dick-Hot) For the none genius members of our society, that's ridiculous and hot put together!

Over the past redichot weekend (save for the dooms day rain on Saturday) I did a lot of whining about the heat. That and attend 'The Terrible Twins of Rock' gig at Backstage Live Restaurant for a bit on Friday night. Two bands were on show that evening, buddies 'The Sleeves' and 'The Screaming Abdabs'

It was grand to see how many people turned out, as Backstage was rammed by the time proceedings got under way. First to take the stage were 'The Sleeves'. A quintet of five dudes packed onto the minuscule stage. The Sleeves have an interesting promotion strategy in dubbing themselves the worst band in HK and playing in a show with the word terrible in its title. You sort of expect them to come out sounding absolutely god awful. Instead what you get is a tasty blend of Blues, Rock and Britpop. Granted the Britpop comparison was always on the way, due to the accent shining through in the singing style of Sleeves frontman Turkish. (Who's name fits him amazingly well by the way) Their sound actually is quite unique. You take a look at them and you sort of half expect a 'Derek & The Dominos knock' off band to start playing, but instead their sound manages to sound catchy, relateable and fresh at the same time.

The Sleeves do well in the presence buisness side of things. Particular so to be found in singer Turkish and bass player A.G. When the smoke machine wasn't totally obstucting vision (of which many times it was) Turkish would dance in between singing his lines into the mic. I'm not talking about choreographed Beyonce moves, but the dude just goes with the rhythm to the songs. Sorta looks like he just doesn't give a toss, which is awesome! More and more people in bands should do this. A.G himself seemed to be vibing off this care free energy (you know,that or ... booze) and was swinging his bass around as well as adopting the power pose of being on his knees! Good stuff.

I was pleasently surprised in the set 'The Sleeves' put on and do reccomend that you catch them out the next time you are half and half about going to a gig and you see their name is on the poster! Nice one gents.

The Screaming Abdabs were next on and they had quite the introduction. It was a shame that it consisted of not being able to see them due to the barrier of sight the smoke machine once again created. This time a four piece and amongst the line up is the bassist from 'The Sinister Left'. The tunes however are very unsinister and are very fimiliar sounding to many britindierock bands. The singer, who I believe someone told me was Rich? (apologies mate, can't find you guys online?) had a voice very reminiscent to Richard Ashcroft. (The Verve) They infact also have similar hair. Now that I think about it, are they one being? 'Abdabs also put on a good set, however a little on the 'samey' side of things. Good Kasabian cover though!

It was a shame that I had to depart at this point as I was thoroughly enjoying the music. I'm sure I'll catch them both again soon though!
The Sleeves

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